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Associated Students of UA South


The Associated Students of The University of Arizona South (ASUAS) works to enhance the quality of student life at UA South through academics, activities, community involvement, clubs and organizations, service, and advocating for students. The executive board represents the student voice in the discussions and decisions that shape all aspects of Wildcat life at UA South, both academically and socially.

The University of Arizona South Student Government exists to foster and enhance communications between the student body and the University community; to provide a forum for discussing and defining the role of students in the University; to represent and advocate their concerns within the University community and statewide; to serve as a resource for student inquiries and requests; to advise and make recommendations on existing and proposed University policies and procedures.

ASUAS Executive Board

ASUAS President -

ASUAS President - Gabrielle Hodgin

Gabrielle is a junior pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Government and Public Services. Having a strong interest in Political Science, she plans to become a Foreign Diplomat, specializing in East Asia relations.

Following her involvement in Student Government at Cochise College, she seized the opportunity to continue taking on student leadership roles by becoming an officer of ASUAS. Gabrielle believes that students excel when they are involved and have an environment that fosters learning and encourages success, whether online or in the classroom.

Gabrielle plans to emphasize on student outreach and make positive changes to reinforce opportunities at the Douglas, Pima, Santa Cruz, Chandler, and Sierra Vista campuses.


Executive Vice President

ASUAS Executive Vice President - Steve Norman

Steve is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Science degree within the Regional Commerce field. He has worked in the retail industry for nearly thirty years and is looking to move into either the small business or the economics fields after graduation. He lives in Marana just north of the Tucson area and works in the retail industry in the community where he lives. He has been a student of UA South for 2 years now and feels the flexibility in class offerings and scheduling works well for a lot of the students. In addition to Gamma Beta Phi, acting as the vice president, Steve is the Executive Vice-President on the ASUAS student government leadership team. With his involvement in these groups he is looking for ways to improve the student experience as well as looking for changes that the students feel are in their best interests. His hobbies include playing golf, sports memorabilia collecting and spending time with family.


Administrative Vice President -

ASUAS Administrative Vice President - Ryan Percy

Ryan is a junior pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education attending classes at the Sierra Vista Campus.  As a future educator and a life long learner, he understands that the voices of the students need not only be heard, but clearly understood and validated.  Through his courses thus far, Ryan has come to discover his teaching philosophy as follows:

                “The students, as growing individuals, come before anything else within my classroom.”

With that in mind, his focus as the Administrative Vice President for ASUAS is to assist in building positive experiences for his fellow students throughout each of the five campuses.  Feel free to reach out to Ryan at any time through your student email.


ASUAS Treasurer - Patricia Munozcano

I am a Senior pursuing a degree in Elementary Education. I worked for thirteen years as an Instructional Aide and Librarian at a Catholic elementary school. It is here where I fell in love with teaching and decided to attend the Univeristy of Arizona Teaching Program to become an elementary school teacher. I've always wanted to attend the University of Arizona. Bear Down!

I live in Nogales, Arizona, a small town with great people! I live with my parents and help them with anything they need. 

I decided to join ASUAS to proudly represent the UA Santa Cruz in Nogales, Arizona and to be a voice for the students there. If you have any comments, concerns, questions, or ideas? Please don't hesitate to email me at


ASUAS Administrative Assistant - Shantal Hernandez

ASUAS Administrative Assistant - Shantal Hernandez

Shantal Hernandez is our ASUAS Administrative Assistant. She is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Network Administration to be followed by her Master’s in Cyber Security. She is familiar with and a strong supporter of the importance of student government and student leadership roles within a university community. She is a recent graduate from Mesa Community College with an Associates in both Arts and Applied Science with an emphasis in Network Administration. Shantal has acquired the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC-A) certificate, Technology Support Analyst level 1 CCL, Cisco Network Administration CCL, Cisco Routing and Switch Networks CCL. During her time at MCC, she gained valuable experience in student leadership as the former VP of The Cyber Security Club, and founder of the NAMI on-campus club at MCC. She was honored to have been one out of the selected few to attend The National Collegiate Leadership Conference where she completed a service learning project and acquired a Leadership-Enrichment Certification.

Shantal is passionate about space and modern technology including the internet and network infrastructures. This has inspired her dream of being part of the future Mars Colonization. There is one thing that she values and treasures most and that is her family. Her role models are her parents and older sister. Shantal is a non-traditional student, a mother of two teenage children who she adores dearly, a sister, daughter, friend and great representation for the students of the University of Arizona South Student Government.


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